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The Effect of Stretching on Aerobic Exercise

This will be an IB Standard Level Biology internal assessment lab report. The assessment will be divided into 3 parts (Design DCP and CE) and the assessment criteria will be uploaded. I want it to be the SAME EXACT FORMAT as the example that I upload (the use of graphs tables pictures diagrams etc). So EVERYTHING that the example have MUST be included in this coursework. The example with the name Bio 11_Christy Z_Osmosis Lab.pdf is only an example of a good DESIGN so there are no DCP and CE in that example. The complete example of a perfect lab (design DCP and CE) is uploaded with the name The Effect of Stretching on Aerobic Exercise Heart Rate Experiment (EXEMPLAR 1). I want it to have headers and sub headers as well as a complete MLA formatted bibliography. Please do ask me question if anything is unclear