Genetics, Genomics, and Environmental Health

Do you anticipate obtaining your DNA profile? Why, or why not?What are the pros and cons of finding out your genetic makeup?For your original post, please respond to these questions providing scholarly support for your opinion. Remember to include an APA formatted in-text citation and corresponding reference from a recent (within last 5 years) professional journal or website (NIH, CDC, etc.).An APA formatted in-text citation and corresponding reference from a recent (within last 5 years) professional journal or website (NIH, CDC, etc.) are required in your initial discussion post. Blogs, magazines, and newspapers are NOT considered scholarly, professional sources.

Intimate Partner Violence and Elder Abuse

answer the following questions with proper apa 7th edition, include a reference page with 2 references1. what is the role that nurses play in the community setting to assist women and children victims of abuse and violence2. do you think nurses need more preparation on how to assist these women and children3. provide an example of the strategies that can be used to help these women and children


Milestone Four: EvaluationProject Topic:   Nursing Shortage and the Need for More NursesMilestone 3 is attached to help follow thru the flow of milestone four. SO PLEASE refer to milestone 3 to help in answering milestone 4.Please use these bolded prompts as headers, this will make your final project so much easier!Plan:What is your plan for evaluation of the strategies using performance improvement data and tracers?What tracers will you use?Include necessary detail to deliver key points and requirements, such as specific data collection methods, time frames for evaluation, and intended re-evaluation.Plan Evaluation:How effective and sustainable is your plan? In other words, evaluate the effectiveness and the ease of use, timeliness, and efficiency of your plan for the progress and success of your initiative.Use of Tracers:The tracer methodology uses information from the organization to follow the experience of care, treatment or services for a number of patients through the organization’s entire health care delivery process. Tracers allow surveyors to identify performance issues in one or more steps of the process, or interfaces between processes.A SAMPLE ATTACHMENT IS PROVIDED AS HOW MILESTONE 4 SHOULD RESEMBLE!!Please be sure to review the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric document for additional details and follow ALL instructions and prompts from there as well.

SOAP note Pulmonary Emboli

Soap Note 1 Acute Conditions (10 points) Pulmonary EmboliFollow the MRU Soap Note Rubric as a guide:Use APA format and must include mia minimum of 2 Scholarly Citations.Soap notes will be uploaded to Moodle and put through TURN-It-In (anti-Plagiarism program)Turn it in’ s Score must be less than 25% or will not be accepted for credit; it must be your own work and in your own words. You can resubmit, Final submission will be accepted if less than 25%. Copy-paste from websites or textbooks will not be accepted or tolerated and will receive a grade of 0 (zero) with no resubmissions allowed.Please see College Handbook regarding Academic Misconduct Statement.Must use the sample templates for your soap note. Keep this template for when you start clinicals.The use of templates is ok with regards to Turn it in, but the Patient History, CC, HPI, Assessment, and Plan should be of your own work and individualized to your made-up patient.

Assignment 06: Clinical Dilemma

HA3300D – Healthcare Policy and EthicsAssignment 06: Clinical DilemmaInstructionsDirectionsIn Learning Activity 1, you dealt with an ethical dilemma caused by your physicians’ refusal to correct their own errors due to resistance to your facility’s new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. In this assignment, you’ll consider this case from the perspective of an administrator.You’ve just spend a lot of money on your new EMR System. Although the purchase and use of the system is in compliance with new federal requirements and will ultimately help improve continuity of care for patients, some physicians refuse to use the new system. They complain that the new system slows them down and is creating errors in documenting procedures. They insist that their old charting methods have always been adequate.The quality assurance department reports to the VP of Operations that several nurses and student-nurses have observed an increase in the number of physician documentation errors in patients’ medical records. Several physicians field a grievance against the hospital. They claim the hospital is engaging in unethical behavior by forcing clinicians to use the new EMR system.Address the following points in a 2-page response paper:.How is technology changing the ethical issues the healthcare administrator must face?.Discuss the challenges of balancing ethical principles, quality control, fiscal (monetary) concerns, and the organizational mission..Describe the position of the doctors in this scenario in ethical terms. The physicians argue the hospital is acting unethically. Upon what ethical bases do they claim this?.Generate a solution to this conflict. Support your solution with ethical concepts. How can you argue that the hospital is acting in the best interests of the patients, staff, and medical community?Your paper should be formatted in APA style, including a references list.


Apply critical thinking through participation of selected topicsEngage in thoughtful discourse with peersIncorporate topic discussion into clinical judgment and decision making within practice settingGuidelines: For each posted discussion question, the student is expected to:The questions below should serve as a guide to formulating your posting. Don’t just answer the questions, create a narrative paragraph(s) using the questions to direct your thinking.Support you initial discussion with a professional nursing journal that is no more than 5 years old.The original posts must be at least 300 words in lengthDiscussion responses should demonstrate critical thinking skills and be thoughtful, promote, and respectful.Posting should ask for clarification, challenge (respectfully) ideas, or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agreeing or disagreeing with a post is not adequateWorth 15 points / 5%You are to write an obituary for yourself, family member or other person. If that is to uncomfortable for you, you can write one for a dear pet. Here are some ideas of things people include in obituaries. You can be as creative as you like. It should reflect who you or that person was in life.Write an obituary (you can use yourself or make up a person)You might feel a little intimidated writing your own obit, and you would not be alone, writing about oneself is hardThink of it as a final letter you’re writing to your family and friendsWhat would you want written about you after your gone – make sure they’re remembering you the way you want to be remembered.Write the story of your life – figure out how you want to live your lifeWhat do you want your obituary to say about you and your lifeBe creativeMix seriousness with humorInclude:Name and any nicknames you were calledAgeDates (birthday / day of death and dates of any life changing events)Cause of deathList of loved ones (spouse, children, other family members, friends)Details: education, work/occupation, degrees and/or awards, volunteering , military serviceHobbies or special interest, tripsFuneral arrangementsPositivity: inspire and encourage others, send farewell to family and friends.

Patient Education for Children and Adolescents

In a 300- to 500-word blog post written for a patient and/or caregiver audience, explain signs and symptoms for your diagnosis, pharmacological treatments, nonpharmacological treatments, and appropriate community resources and referrals.This is my Topic –  Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

healthcare ethics

Students will complete an APA paper about the following case study.  The provided case study represents ethical issues of historical interest.Case StudyA nurse has sued Memorial Hospital, charging that she was demoted after complaining about a heart surgeon tossing bloody tissue at her during an operation. The eight-page complaint filed Friday in U.S. District Court by Sonja Morris alleges that Dr. Bryan Mahan tossed the 4-by-6-inch piece of tissue at her, hitting her on the leg during an open-heart surgery in August 2008. She contends Mahan made a joke about it to the other surgeons, saying, “Oh (expletive), I hit her. Can we get cultures on that?” Morris said she felt humiliated as the other surgeons chuckled. Mahan could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.Morris claims that the incident was part of a pattern of harassing behavior by Mahan toward her. She also alleged that in June 2008, Mahan came up behind her and hit her in the head. She told him to stop, but two weeks later, he did it again, the suit alleged. Again she asked him to stop.Chris Valentine, a spokesman for the hospital, declined to comment on the lawsuit. “Obviously, because it’s in legal hands, we’re not in a position to comment,” he said. Mahan is the chairman of cardiac and thoracic medicine at Memorial. He is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Morris has worked at the hospital as a nurse since June 1999. She has been a member of the heart surgery team since October 2007.The incident with the bloody tissue occurred on Aug. 28, 2008, after normal working hours during an operation in which doctors were doing a procedure known as a pericardiectomy. The surgery involved removing a protective layer of tissue from the heart. Morris contends that was the bloody tissue that Mahan tossed at her. She said she was standing at a work station about 15 feet away from the operating table. Because the operation was still in progress, she was unable to immediately clean the part of her leg that the tissue hit. She filed a complaint about the incident but said that resulted in no disciplinary action.On Dec. 10, she filed a notice of claim against Mahan and the hospital. Her complaint to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleged that she was subjected to a hostile work environment because of her gender. Seven days later, she said hospital administrators removed her from the heart surgery team, considered a prestigious position, and transferred her to the main operating room. The suit alleged that this action violated her First Amendment rights to petition the hospital to correct something she considered wrong.Ensslin, J.C. (2009, June 6). Nurse sues Memorial, claims surgeon threw human tissue at her. The Gazette. Retrieved from v. City of Colorado Springs, 666 F.3d 654 (2012)  LINKAnswer the following questions:What are the facts of the case? This should include: what do we need to know, who is involved in the situation, where does the ethical situation take place, and when does it occur?What is the precise ethical issue in regards to autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, fidelity, and justice?Identify the major principles, rules, and values of the case.  Values are sets of beliefs about good and bad, right and wrong, and about many other aspects of living and interacting in the society with others. A principle is a personal rule that governs personal behavior. A rule is generally imposed by a figure of authority, and used to guide and govern people.Is there legal ground for this case, if so what? Who is at fault? What legal action should be taken?Are there alternative to the actions completed in this case by both the nurse, physician, and healthcare facility? Do you feel the physician and nurse were following hospital protocol?If you were a member of the ethics committee at this facility, what actions or changes would you recommend changing? Why?For the case study, an APA formatted paper should be used, and needs to include a title page, level headings, references and citations. This assignment should include at least 2 references and should be at least four pages in length. Students should address the proposed questions providing ample detail, examples, and additional support.Assignment Expectations:Length:At least four pages in length; answers must thoroughly address each question in a clear, concise manner;Structure:Reference page requiredaddress each question in a numbered listReferences:At least 2 references required

nursing essay

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Culture and Nutrition about Indian and American { information preseneation require picture }

Provided an overview of information about the culture-where in the world, how did they come to be in the United   States or Wisconsin.Discussed religion practices and beliefs as it relates to health care. (western   medicine, holistic)Discussed   birth and death practices and nursing implications related to bothDiscussed   health literacy related to the culture (example: is an interpreter   needed-what languages do they speak (native languages), what is their highest   level of the school, etc.)Discussed how their diet/nutrition affects their health. Include aspects of nutritionAddressed   common health problems and diseasesDescribed why this information is important for nursing practice.