Healthcare Administration Professionalism – Best Nursing Tutor

Healthcare Administration Professionalism – Best Nursing Tutor

View the sets of slides.
Part 1: View and Analysis (3-4 paragraphs)
Describe and explain what you viewed. Answer the following questions in your response:

Were the individuals professional?
What made the individuals professional (consider attire, communication skills, presentation of self, etc.)?
After reviewing the slides, describe areas that would be unprofessional in your field when considering attire and presentation of self?
Include any additional thoughts.

Part 2: Personal Reflection and Connection (4 paragraphs)

What is the appropriate attire for an individual in healthcare administration?

Describe what makes someone a professional in healthcare administration. Use research and/or reflect on your personal experiences and what you know about your healthcare administration.
What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional (review the Unit 1 content for ideas)?
What attributes, such as attire, communication skills, and presentation of self, do you possess that make you professional?