Discuss different spy novels and detective novels relating to certain topics in a argumentative way

LMC 3202 Final Essay Topics

This essay is due at the beginning of class on June 13. It should be around 7 pages long (double-spaced). Again,

concentrate on creating a real, ambitious argument, not just summarizing or listing observations about the works (I should be able to disagree with your paper).

Two key topics faced by most of the writers we have read are:


Choose one of these two, and show how it is treated differently in at least two works from the syllabus. Ideally, you will choose two works that offer two different engagements with realism or humor and compare them, coming down on the side of one as more effective or convincing (that is, you will choose one work that is very enthusiastic about realistic detail and one that is unconcerned with it, and explain which you think works better and why)


Poe, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”

Buchan, “The Thirty-Nine Steps”

Le Carré, “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold.”

Greene “Our Man in Havana”

How the 7 page written


*Pick a side

*End paragraph with a QUESTION


*ARGUMENT- make it convincing. Don’t repeat sentence and make sure its a FULL SENTENCE. Answer question


Don’t repeat whats already mentioned. Answer the question from earlier