Supplementing your diet

It has become common practice for people to supplement their diets with pills, smoothies, teas, herbals, and other complementary practices. Select two from the list below and locate an evidence-based article for each. Summarize the intended use, recommended dosage, side effects, and known interactions with over-the-counter and prescription medications. What if contraindications are identified for a patient with liver and/or kidney disease?•    Probiotics•    Acai•    Apple cider vinegar•    Garlic•    Green tea•    Turmeric•    Cinnamon•    Omega-3 fish oil•    DHA•    Glucosamine•    Melatonin•    St. John’s wort•    Capsacin•    Black cohosh•    Aloe vera•    Echinacea•    Zinc oxide•    Saw palmetto•    Valerian root•    Feverfew•    Maca•    Niacin•    Red yeast rice•    DHEA•    Kava