Zootopia Movie Review

Zootopia Movie Review

Zootopia Movie

  1. Does the author present the issue/argument in his or her introduction? Is the attention grabber/hook effective? Is the background information sufficient? (If the reader had not read the articles or seen the movie.)

2. Is there an summary of Zootopia in the introduction? Does it introduce the source enough for someone who has not watched it?

3. Does the writer introduce the articles’ names, the authors’ names and the main point/argument of the secondary source when they first use the source? (Introduce only the sources you will be using). Is this information sufficient for you to understand the source?

4. Does the thesis focus on an argument based on the movie? Are you clear on his or her position from the start? Can you form an antithesis?

5. Does the writer support each of his or her claims with quotes from the movie and the secondary source? Are the examples vivid and specific rather than general? (The I in PIE format.)

6. Does the writer explain why he or she chose this particular example? Does the explanation connect back to the thesis? Is there an explanation/analysis after each example? (The E in PIE format.)

7. Are all examples from the articles cited properly with in-text citation? Is the paper formatted in MLA style? Is there a works cited page in the end?

8. Is there an counter argument and refutation in the essay? Is it clear or sufficient enough? Does the counterarguement answer one of the points/claims the author makes earlier in their argument?

9. Does the writer have a conclusion that restates the thesis, summarizes their key points and gives a final thought?

10. Mark your favorite line. Why is it your favorite?

11. Do they have a creative title?