Yale Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Argumentative Essay

Yale Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Argumentative Essay

My argumentative essay will be about Artificial intelligence.



  • APA Styling
  • abstract
  • strong introduction w. thesis statement at end of introduction
  • well-developed body paragraphs that use textual evidence to support your stance
  • logical progression
  • clarity of expression
  • acknowledgement of counterargument(s)
  • compelling conclusion that amplifies and enhances the thesis
  • 3-5 in-text citations + 3-5 sources on a reference page
  • 5 pages
  • Final reflection


My stance in the argument will be about how AI could improve the earths environment and make it more sustainable.

You have to include 3 to 5 sources, I already included 2 for you, my suggestion for the sources is to include some scientific article about the safety and regulations or if you need help finding articles im more than happy to help.

Remember, my stance in the argument is supportAI, and the sources below support that, but does not ignore the fact it could go wrong, so make it less biased and include something like the benefits outweigh the cost or something like that.

I will be happy to answer any question.

Two sources out of five to use in the argument: