Writing assignment-Cite the work please

The goal of this assignment is to plan a group facilitation training. Pick one of the topics covered in the health competency course that you are passionate about and develop a plan as if you were to lead a 3-hour educational group facilitation/training on that topic.Chapter 21 and the handouts have some good information you can use for your plan.The group training will include no more than 20 people and take place at the local community center.Plan the basics of what this training would look like by answering the following questions:

  • What topic will you be training/educating on?
  • Come up with 5 objectives of the training, 3 of which should include the activities you will incorporate below.For example, if I were leading a training on infant mortality, some of the objectives might include:Define infant mortality, discuss the incidence and prevalence of infant mortality in MN, explain the four leading causes of infant mortality, identify risk factors of infant mortality, have groups discuss risk factors for infant mortality in their community.
  • Briefly describe why this topic is important.Include some statistics.
  • What icebreaker will you use. Describe the icebreaker in detail. Why did you decide to use this icebreaker?
  • Discuss how you will build trust within the group.
  • Discuss a minimum of 3 activities you will use to guide the group in conversation. (these should come from the handouts online).
  • What facilitator techniques will you use to make sure that the group is successful.Keep in mind that this will be the first time the group meets so the group will be in the initial stage. (use chapter 21 to guide you on this question)
  • Discuss a couple challenges/problems you will watch out for while facilitating the group?What will you do if these challenges arise? (use chapter 21 to guide you on this question).


For this paper, you should use the section headings listed below.The font should be Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri size 12.The headings should be bolded, size 14 as shown below.The paper should be single spaced.


This paragraph should address the educational topic, including some statistics on the problem.It should also include the five objectives of the training. (10pts)


This paragraph should discuss what icebreaker you will use and why you decided to use it.Please describe the icebreaker. (5pts)

Trust and Rapport Building

This paragraph should discuss how you plan to build trust and rapport within the group. (5pts)


The following paragraphs should discuss the activities you will use in detail, you should choose 4.Discuss why you chose these activities. NOTE:in the handouts they call these techniques, but I refer to them as activities.(10 pts)

Facilitation Techniques

Discuss some facilitation techniques you will use to lead the group and make sure your group is a success. For example, how will you educate the group—what method will you use?How long will you discuss before moving on to an activity? (10pts)


The following paragraph should discuss 2 challenges you think occur and how you plan to deal with them if they do occur. (10 pts)