write short answer

read the cases in the file attached then answer (each case separate) :

1 Case from Crawford, Chapter 3 page 88

What is the current PIC (product innovation charter)?

How did Kellogg’s PIC seem to have evolved from 1999 to 2006?

2 Case from Crawford, chapter 3, page 90.

What might the PIC (product innovation charter) have been for the Element?

What benefits resulted from bringing in the Voice of the Customer?

3. “I saw the other day where fi lmmakers (large ones as well as small ones) are

fi nding profi ts in low-budget fi lms. It seems they aim for narrow, but very

reachable market segments (e.g., young kids), and they use standard fi lmmak-

ing technologies but use only what they call emerging actors and directors

(meaning cheap now). They try hard to capture the interests of their core target

group, and they mean it when they say low-budget. I also read where several

of them are trying to move out rapidly from the core when they have a win-

ner: little kids, bigger kids, and so on. They think this approach yields the best

return on investment even though it causes them to miss out on the occasional

blockbuster winner. Some of these low-budget specials included American Pie,

There’s Something About Mary, and The Wedding Singer. That last one focused

on boys and men, but they added a love story line with Drew Barrymore that

brought women in too. Now, can you fi t all that into what might be the PIC of

these fi lms? What are the negatives of this approach?” 49

4 From chapter 4, answer this question: Describe the Need, Form and Function of the NEST thermostat.