Write a Research/Proposal Project APA style

Must identify a problem/situation in their work environment(read statement of the problem below) which could be improved, research possible solutions to the identified problem/situation., evaluate these, propose a solution based on their work environment, propose the solution to appropriate person(s). Students must write a 20 page content (introduction through conclusion) paper explaining their project. Must be written APA style, please follow that citation format (running head, title page, double-spaced, font times new roman size 12, abstract, in-text citations, and references). Only original work, use only scholarly journals…do not use sources older than 1990.

The project requires development and then a written report about what you studied, implemented, analyzed, with a minimum of 20 pages of content (introduction through conclusion) and an annotated bibliography. Sections of the paper could be introduction, description of the problem/situation, perhaps background of the problem or situation, review of literature, proposed or implemented solution, evaluation or critical analysis of the solution, need for further exploration, conclusion, etc. Of course the chapters in your paper depend on the project. Must include an APA format Annotated bibliography at least 10 scholarly sources as well as a reference page. Please see attached documents for templates and Rubrics. Original work only, no plagiarism!!! Don’t waste my time and yours! If you have questions contact me ASAP.

Statement of the problem: Work in Law enforcement in the U.S. Navy; the current command oversees three different departments located in three different locations. Every different location has their own leadership (Chain of command), but the real challenge is the training department as it is designed to train all personnel from all 3 departments but it is located at only one location. There are only 2 instructors to train 3 different departments that total over 245 personnel combined between military and DoD police officers. The training department is lacking personnel to assist in preparing personnel to maintain their required qualifications in order to perform their daily duties as well as be prepare for regional inspections, other issues encountered is missed training by personnel affecting the watch sections not having qualified personnel to stand proper duty. Mismanagement of training schedules and training records affecting personnel and the command over all.

Research and Propose solutions to solve the problem mentioned above for this 20 page Research/Proposal Project.

Example of Table of Contents:

I. Description of your work environment and where you fit into the organization (Intro)

II. The problem or solution you hope to improve (Review of Literature)

III Your project design

IV.The implementation of your design (your methodology) or the proposal you plan to suggest and to whom (Chain of Command)

V. Results

VI. Conclusion