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Increasing workforce diversity provides an especially challenging environment for HR management and an attractive opportunity for line managers looking for a source of innovation. Watch the following video: Why Diversity is Upside Down by Andres Tapia at TEDxIndianapolis. Thinking about various diversity issues mentioned in the video, identify a workforce difference that exists in your current organization or a previous one (you do not have to give the name of the company but give some background on the industry, the area you worked in, etc.)

Watch VideoWhy diversity is upside down: Andrés Tapia at TEDxIndianapolis

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In three to five pages:

  • Focus on one difference in your workplace or organization where you feel there is a need for an intervention (i.e. age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Identify at least two resources outside of the readings that currently support this one difference (e.g. Gender difference – % of women in workplace increasing due to dual income families) What are the implications and needs for this group? (Ex: childcare, maternity leave)
  • What are some things your company should be doing or has done to respond to these needs?
  • Create a case study of an organization that has either successfully implemented a workforce diversity initiative OR has been publicly scrutinized for lack of diversity. Discuss the following: who is the organization, why did you select them, provide a quick history of the organization and their diversity issue. If it is a company that has been successful with workplace diversity initiatives, discuss what they did and why it is working. If you selected an organization that is NOT successful please explain their problem and recommend best practices to correct their issue.