Women Are from Mars Too Analysis

****** * The main question of this paper is that (Would more women leaders translate into more global peace? In other words, would a larger proportion of women in decision-making and leadership positions reduce the likelihood of conflict and war?)

I added to two short articles as PDF who answered this question by simple answers YES or NO:-

1_ YES: Zenko, “Walking Loudly and Carrying a Big Stick: Why Women Are Less Inclined to Start Wars” (6 August 2013)

2_ NO: Brooks, “Women Are From Mars Too: Why More Female Leaders Won’t Mean Less War” (9 August 2013)


The paper is about:

  • The ability to formulate a clear and concise argument. So, it must have a thesis statement and underline it to make an argument and support it by using those two articles.
  • It is about the ability to carefully and critically read, evaluate, analyze, and deploy those sources in the service of your argument.

—- Here is the basic outline of a classical argument paper:

Introduction: Get readers interest and attention, state the problem and explain why they should care about globalization and threatening cultural diversity?

Background: Provide some context and key facts surrounding the problem.

Thesis: State your position or claim and outline your main arguments by answering this (Would more women leaders translate into more global peace?)

Argument: Discuss the reasons for your position and present evidence to support it (largest section of paper—the main body). Underline the thesis statement.

Refutation: Provide opposing arguments AND convince the reader why opposing arguments are not true or valid. Here you can use more the two articles more.

Conclusion: Summarize your main points, discuss their implications, and state why your position is the best position.


Here is a simple analysis of two articles. But it does not cover all the information, you should read and review them plz. :: Read Zenko, then Brooks.

Zenko, “Walking Loudly and Carrying a Big Stick: Why Women Are Less Inclined to Start Wars”

He used polling— from Pew Research Center

  • Drone Strikes
  • Women are less supportive of using military force than men.
  • Evidence from: Polling/polling data
  • * Women under-represented
  • * Lack of diversity has an impact on how issues foamed, debates unfold, a decision made, outcome emerge.
  • Concludes: it is conceivable that less force would be used if more women in power.

Why is it not a good argument: He only used polling data from the Pew Research Center, which based on people opinions, I can not adopt it because we do not know those people background, their education, race and ethnicity, and the way they been asked (wording).


Brooks, “Women Are From Mars Too: Why More Female Leaders Won’t Mean Less War”

She used studies

  • Skeptical!
  • Unconvinced by Zenko’s evidence
  • Combination of :

Wishful Thanking

Misunderstanding, Est.pe context


  • Mistakes:

1- Patterns of individuals behavior

Assumptions about inherent gender differences

2- Gender differences

Policy outcome on a scale of a nation

  • Evidence from: Social science academic and studies of analysis

Why is it a good argument: she used social science academic and studies of analysis, this makes her a better source.



1-MLA-style format- example: ( last name, # of the page). All information that you directly quote or paraphrase needs a citation on the last page.

2- No need to use other sources rather than the two articles that I gave. BUT if you need 1 or 2 academic the sources and list them on the last page.

Thank you.