Week 2 Clinical Perspectives On Psychological Disorders Discussion

Bd.# 2 Week 2

1. This week I would like you to read the case of Meera Krishnan in chapter 4 and discuss it from each of the following theoretical perspectives presented in Chapter 4.

Include your own opinion as to which perspective best describes Meera’s problem.

a. Pscyhodynamic Perspective b. Humanistic Perspective c. Behavioral and Cognitive Perspective d. Biological Perspective

2. Watch the video Everything is a Disorder. Post your evaluation and comments on this video.

Everything is a disorder., Mental health manual is “dangerous”

3. Take one of the self tests in the Take A Psych. Test (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Did it feel accurate? How? Describe the evaluation of the diagnosis of mental disorders based on Psychological testing. What are some of the problems?

Check attached files