Water Reflections Nutrition Discussion

1 original post (About 300 words), and 2 replies (about 150 words) for each are need.

As some of you may conclude after reading about water, tap water is best to use, especially using a filter such as Brita or Pur to remove heavy metals and a re-usable, clean container (BPA-free).HOWEVER, there is now a new cause for concern in those regulatory agencies who should be protecting our health.

1) Watch the full-length documentary “Tapped”

TAPPED: The Business of Bottled Water and its impact on our own health, including BPA (an organic compound present in some types of plastic called Bisphenol A) and other chemicals found in some plastic bottles. Since I look for free videos for this online course, I found it posted free this semester at http://thewaterfilterladysblog.com/water-videos/tapped-documentary-full-length-movie/ as well as another free link at https://tubitv.com/video/15656/tapped

2) Other information on water:

The information on the recent water challenges facing Flint, MI as well as articles on something new found in various water tables, most recently in Vermont and New York in two towns that are almost neighboring (and therefore you could surmise the toxin may in fact be in the water table under the earth)

AFTER viewing, see if you can offer a response specific which someone else has not yet highlighted in this discussion. Feel free to research any updated information on affected areas of the country. You certainly only need to pick one for discussion, feel free to use the Internet for citing more information:

Some of these responses can include:

  • specific information of interest from Tapped
  • effect of manufacturing of the bottles themselves (PET or PETE)
  • drugs in the water (antibiotics, pain meds, SSRI drugs)
  • refinery communities where bottles manufactured
  • negative marketing of tap water (although municipal sources are used by Nestle, Coca Cola, Pepsi, and others)
  • positive marketing of bottled water (“safe” alternative??)
  • regulating ‘safe’ bottled water at the FDA (who’s in charge)
  • labeling of water
  • costs of purchase
  • bottled H2O manufacturers not mandated to release water testing yet municipalities test several times/day, even 400 times/month
  • safety of bw: data regarding bottled versus tap
  • Recalling of bottled water
  • children and bw : plastics and toxicity (BPA and hormones)
  • bw container disposal (recycling center, landfills, ocean dumping, incineration)
  • water quality, water pollution/contamination (western&eastern ‘garbage patches’) in globe’s major oceans affecting marine life/food chain/web
  • water quality, water pollution/contamination of water tables on the continent affecting humans and/or land-dwelling life/plants, food chain
  • Safety of all water, both bottled and from environment (aren’t they one and the same, actually?)