Valencia College if Your City Has Relatively Low Crime Rates What Factors Moderate Crime?

For this discussion post, visit the U.S. Census Bureau’s American FactFinder website at American FactFinder (Links to an external site.) and type in the name of the city you selected for the first discussion post (do not pick Abilene, Texas). Next, click on the links in the left margin for population, education, housing, income, and poverty and identify factors that might contribute to social disorganization in your selected city. If your city has relatively low crime rates, what factors moderate crime? These factors may be the same ones that contribute to higher crime, but the values will be different. For example a high percentage of college graduates in a city might correlate with lower crime (along with other factors), while a low percentage of college graduates might correlate to higher crime rates. Similarly, single parent households headed by a women, high unemployment, a low percentage of high school graduates, and low homeownership might be other interesting variables. Feel free to choose the variables that make sense to you, but justify your choices.

Identify at least three factors and explain how those factors contribute to the crime rate in your selected city.

This answer should be at least 300 words in length.