University of Washington 8OZ Burger Marketing Promotion Plan Paper

University of Washington 8OZ Burger Marketing Promotion Plan Paper

For your project paper this week you will create a strategic promotion plan that embraces Integrated Marketing Communications for your project business.

Please remember that “marketing” and “advertising” are not the same. Marketing is the overall umbrella term under which advertising is one part, just as public relations and social media are parts of marketing. The difference is that “advertising” is paid and usually is in the form of TV and radio commercials, Internet ads or Google AdWords, commercial videos before you watch a YouTube video or news video, etc.

Before writing this paper, think about your target customers. Who are they specifically, how can you best reach them, what platforms do they use, etc.?

This paper must include the following:

You will need one clearly stated strategic marketing message you want consistently stated across all platforms.

Demonstrate an appropriate mix of marketing: advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing, and personal selling. You should include the Internet and social media, too, as appropriate to your promotional effort. With social media, which platforms will you select and why? How will you post relevant and interesting content? Videos? Sponsored content? Explain exactly what you will do, when—during the week/year—you will do it, and why.

What Types of Marketing For Your Marketing Mix?

Describe each of your promotional activities, what you will do, why, and when. Create a year-long chart so I can clearly see the initiative, when, and why. You can use the following for a template. Marketing Chart Template.docx