University of South Alabama Democracy, Corporate Wealth and Imperialism Papers

This paper must be done in 6 Days.

These papers are about Human Relations subjects (Oppression and social justice)

I need 4 separate papers, for each paper you need to write 6 pages by answering the papers’ questions from the attached files :

Paper # 1 Qs “Democracy, Corporate wealth and imperialism”

  • What are the 3 types of democracy political science Greenberg is talking about?
  • “The United States does not fulfill the…” Why? Page 57
  • Political scientist Michael Parenti talks about democracy and what it should mean, why does he say the US does not fulfill the principles of democracy?
  • Who create corporate wealth? 20-21
  • How wealth was created and distributed? 28-31
  • How does corporate media impact and shape democracy?
  • What is imperialism? 173-182
  • Why does Parenti say underdevelopment is a myth?
  • Why does Parenti say countries called poor is a problem?
  • What does Parenti mean by saying maldevelopment and over exploited?
  • How does empire affect your life?
  • What is the owning class and working class? 20-21

Paper # 2 Qs “Racism”

  • What is racism? 56
  • What is prejudice? And how it is different from racism? 56
  • What is red lining? 56
  • According to Christine Sleeter “ white racism present itself in a particular way” what is white racism according to Christine? 288- 294
  • According to MacIntosh, what is white privilege? 294-297
  • According to Seldon “ being color blind is a problem” why? 297 299
  • What is educational racism? 316- 322
  • What is cultural racism?
  • How does racism affect you?

Paper # 3 Qs “political science of sexism”

  • What is sexism? 56-57
  • What is patriarchy? 56
  • What is pornography? 56
  • What is sexual harassment? 57
  • What is a women hating culture? 335-347
  • What is femicide? 347-353
  • What are they blaming feminism for? 353-361
  • What is male bashing? Who’s doing the bashing? 361-367
  • Are men oppressed? 367-370?
  • What are stoppers? 373-378

Paper # 4 Qs “Institutional heterosexism and homophobia”

  • Define homophobia? 55
  • What is heterosexism?
  • Describe the history about gay and lesbian liberation movement? 257-265
  • What is binary thinking and how does it promote heterosexism and homophobia?65-69
  • Explain Dualism: two warring souls in one dark body? 269-274
  • How our schools treating LGBT people? 274-278
  • How do we deal with homophobic name calling? 278-285
  • How does homophobia and heterosexism affect you?

Note: Let me know if you cannot do it. Thank you.