University of Houston Fake News Discussion Question

University of Houston Fake News Discussion Question

Fake news…. Give me your opinion about fake news.

Should the news media be held accountable for reporting inaccurate and/or incorrect information? View this article. Click here and here.

Should individuals via their personal social media accounts be held accountable for perpetuating fake news? View this article. Click here.

Should tech companies monitor social media and remove fake news? If so, then who decides whether it is fake or not? View article. Click here.

Go to this link and listen to the podcast about “fake news”. Click here

  1. Your use of careful, well thought-out statements and questions. (Original contribution)
  2. The degree of your involvement in the discussion (ongoing involvement)
  3. How you integrate other people’s comments into your own findings. (Interactivity)
  4. Length of entry (1st entry – minimum four paragraphs and 16 sentences / 2nd entry – minimum two paragraphs and link to scholarly article or website)