Unit 7 Management and Personnel Plan Paper

Unit 7 Management and Personnel Plan Paper

In this Assignment, you will write the personnel plan for your company, focusing on the short, medium, and longer terms. Think carefully about your company’s growth when devising your personnel needs.

Assignment checklist:

  1. Finish the chart (page 2 of attached document) started in Unit 1 (Section 2.2.2 of your business plan outline) to include additional managers and line staff.
  2. Write the management and personnel plan as outlined in Chapter 10 of the text. The writing will focus on the responsibilities of each member of the team in the short, medium, and long terms.

Please feel free to change the chart however you wish to make it fit your management and personnel plan.

Text: Covello, J. A. & Hazelgren, B. J. (2006). The complete book of business plans: Simple steps to writing powerful business plans (2nd ed.). [Books24x7 version]