UFTC Ch 10 Disaster Recovery Phases Hurricane Sandy Discussion

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Question 1

Class – Please review the attached lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy.

1. Review the key phases of disaster recovery as outlined in chapter 10 of your textbook

2. Briefly discuss the disaster recovery phases in chapter 10 and their relation to the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy article.

3. Discuss how you would alter sample plan based on the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy Article. (Do not give me a copy of the altered plan, simply explain in the paper what you would alter)

  • Include at least Six (6) reputable sources.
    • Your final paper should be 1,250-to-1,500-words, and written in APA Style.
  • Sample Disaster Recovery Plan.pdf


    Lessons Learned Article



    (Different Question same subject)

    Question 2.

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    You may have noticed the emphasis on preparedness in this chapter. While society expects a business to be prepared for disasters and to recover using its own resources, we do not seem to expect individuals to be prepared to survive a disaster. Should we expect government at any level to be responsible for disaster recovery at either the personal or business level? Why or why not? What sacrifices would a business have to make if the disaster recovery process were turned over to a government agency?

    DQ requirement: Note that the requirement is to post your initial response no later than Sunday and you must post one additional post during the week. I recommend your initial posting to be between 200-to-300 words. The replies to fellow students and to the professor should range between 100-to-150 words. All initial posts must contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference.