Tyson Foods Inc. Brand

Tyson Foods Inc. Brand

Storybranding chapter 9-11.pdf (https://drive.google.com/file/d/10dpFA6zYwqm-EpLUL37LjaK71JFFpJOO/view?usp=drive_web)

The brand is Tyson Foods Inc. Provide the brand’s inner and outer layer. Paper is to be double spaced and your references page(s), title and abstract pages are not counted as a part of the three-page total. Please note that your paper is to be three full pages (not two and part of a third). If, as a result, you go a bit longer than the page requirement the professor does not mind.

Using Chapters 9-11 as reference from the class textbook: Storybranding 2.0 Creating stand-out brands through the power of story by Jim Signorelli (2014)

Be sure you are familiar with the principles in our text. You are to apply these principles to the brand we are studying, and tell me what the soul of our brand is (beliefs, convictions, etc.) and what actions they take that flow from the beliefs and convictions. Remember the inner layer is what the brand is. The outer layer is what the brand does.

At least 5 sources in addition to the brands page (Tyson Foods) Please follow the rubric and instructions.

I’ll add a sample paper of another brand to the resources. This paper you have to write is only for the inner and outer layer of Tyson Foods Inc. based on the knowledge from the class textbook.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.