Troy SPC Frito Lay Case Study Process Control Spreadsheet

SPC Engagement Assignment – Frito Lay Case Study

•Read the case description below, watch the 2 videos above that accompany the case (links to these are posted in Module 5).

•Then, answer the questions listed at the end of the case.

•Use your own word and no copy!

the problem is on PDF and excel(have five sheet), you have to do it on excel.

2 video

Two important comments about this video:

1. While this video focuses on an x-bar chart, you can use a similar procedure to create an R-chart (of course, the calculations differ, but the graphing technique doesn’t).

2. This video is not as clear as it should be about what is in column 1. In order to use the Central Limit Theorem, we need to have a set of samples from each period which are used to determine either the range or the sample mean for each sample set. In the examples in your book always provide either the mean of a set of samples (see Example S1) for a particular batch or time period or they give you the individual sample values that you can use to calculate the mean or range for each set of samples (see Example S3). In this video, what is provided in the first column is not an individual sample, but the mean of a set of samples for each day. They then use the sample means for each day to determine the mean of the sample means (x double-bar). In other words, what they have labeled x-bar is more correctly called x double-bar (the mean of the sample means).