THEA112G The Ohio State University Trifles by Susan Glaspell

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1) a 2-3 page PLOT SUMMARY of Trifles

2) a 2-3 page HISTORICAL CONTEXT PAPER exploring the time period and region when the play is set. What kinds of technology did they have? How was the economy? The government? Religion? What did most people there and then do for work? Did men and women work outside of the home? How were women treated? What was the role of children? Etc.
3) 2 pictures each (or paintings or drawings, just some kind of visual images of) the Wright’s home, Mr. Wrights, and Mrs. Wright. A total of 6 images
4) Write the PREVIOUS ACTION script. You will write a script for how you believe the death of John Wright occurred. There are no rules other than you must format it correctly like a script and by the end of it, John Wright’s body must be in his bed and obviously strangled. Minimum 3 pages, use the playscript format:
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