The Story of Stuff Mining and Solid Waste Discussion

Mining and Solid Waste

hello i need help with two discussion questions and two replies to my friends discussions just like the one we did before

here are the questions

1. After watching Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff, ponder how humans got to the point where we are so trapped in the process of Take-Make-Waste. What are the impacts on people within this process? How can people break this model and shift toward the economic model of Borrow-Use-Return? How can we keep money flowing through our economic system without continually extracting new raw materials?

2. A very smart friend of mine recently said that the best land investment one could make is to buy up old landfills. He says we will, in the not too distant future, be excavating landfills to extract the incredible amounts of metals, glass, and energy resources that are buried in them. What might be some of the possible risks and benefits of such an “investment”?


Annie Leonard’s Story of Stuff,

Overview of Ideas

Solid Waste Management found in attached PDF file

and here are two of my friends discussions aslo found in attached PDF files :