Texas Tech University Recuitment and Selection Process Informal Report

Click here for an example of a short report in LETTER FORM and here for a model of MEMO FORM. Please note that this assignment requires MEMO FORM. Also note that you must include references for your report.

Step 1 Read the scenario below and choose a piece of equipment, software, or procedure to conduct research on. Locate at least 3 textual sources and 2 visual sources and compile an APA style annotated bibliography listing these sources. Click here for an explanation and example of an annotated bibliography (use APA 6th edition standards for your own reference entries).

The Scenario:

It is 10 years in the future and you work for a company in your field of study (you can invent any names or titles necessary to complete the assignment, but use an actual company/institution in your field. You have noticed a problem with your company’s production or practices, and you know of a piece of equipment, software, or procedure that could solve the problem. This could be a cutting-edge piece of laboratory equipment for a chemical or medical facility, a 3D printer for a manufacturing company, or a new piece of earthmoving equipment for an engineering firm. It could also be a recommendation for changing training protocols, for adopting a new advertising plan, or even adopting a bonus system to motivate employee productivity. Choose a product or procedure that actually exists, as this will ensure you can find good research sources. You want your company to purchase this equipment/software or adopt this new/amended procedure. You approach your immediate supervisor about the problem and your proposed solution, and s/he asks you to prepare a short, informal report (the focus of this assignment). If s/he is persuaded by your informal report that your solution is a good one, s/he will approve a more extensive, formal report to be presented to the company’s Board of Directors for a final decision (the focus of the Course Level Assessment).

The first step is to learn as much as possible about the equipment/software/procedure. Check trade and professional publications, manufacturers’ materials, the Internet, and library databases for the most recent information, paying particular attention to descriptions of the equipment/software/procedure, its capabilities/potential, where and how it has been successfully used, costs of acquisition/implementation, durability and maintenance/sustainability factors, and other relevant details. You will compile your information in an annotated bibliography (Step 1).

Step 2 Write a 400 – 500 word short, informal report in memo form. The report should sum up your research on the equipment/software/procedure and make a cogent argument for its value to your company. The report MUST include 1 visual element borrowed from a source and 1 visual element you design in a program such as Paint, Gimp, or the chart function of Word. Submit your report to your department supervisor (make up his/her name). Include in-text citations for direct quotes and paraphrases and include APA style references at the end of your report. Be sure to include citations/references for visuals as well.

*******Note: If you are recommending a change in company procedures or the adoption of a new procedure, provide a step-by-step description of that procedure and its potential benefits. However, you should also briefly discuss any difficulties your company may have in making the change, and provide solutions for those difficulties. REMEMBER: This is a short report intended to generate interest in your suggestion, so provide enough information to demonstrate its plausibility, but don’t get bogged down in minute details. Your goal is to gain approval for a longer, more detailed report.