Texas Tech University Johannesburg Business and Cultural Practices Report

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Read the scenario below and write a short, 400 – 500 word informal report, formatted as a business letter. Incorporate at least 2 visual aids in your report. You MUST borrow 1 visual aid from an outside source and create 1 visual aid using a graphical program such as Paint, Gimp, or Word’s chart function (click here for information about inserting charts in Word). Include in-text citations for any direct quotes or paraphrases and include APA style references at the end of your report. NOTE: you must cite visuals that you borrow just as you would cite any other borrowed material (click here for instructions for citing and captioning visual elements in a report).

The Scenario:

You have been hired to research a travel destination for an upcoming business trip for several of your client’s top executives. NOTE: you are NOT a member of this group; you are an independent researcher hired by the company for research only! The group’s purpose is to negotiate the purchase of a manufacturing plant for their clothing outlet chain. They will be meeting with the board of directors for the company that currently owns the factory. None of your client’s executives are familiar with the business or social practices of their destination country, so they are relying on you to prepare them for the unfamiliar circumstances. Choose a major metropolitan center in a foreign country as their destination (but write as though THEY chose it before hiring you), then conduct some research on the destination’s business and cultural practices. Try to get resources from a variety of sources and authors. Ensure that you have enough resources to generate a 400 – 500 word report.

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