Texas Executive Branch and Supreme Court Justice Questions

Texas Executive Branch and Supreme Court Justice Questions

1.Pick one position in the Texas Executive Branch and write me a one paragraph overview of that position.Then research the person in the position now and write me a paragraph about that person.

2.Does Texas have a weak governor or a strong governor?Fully explain your answer.

3.Should prisons exist for rehabilitation OR for punishment?Fully explain your answer.

4.You are a Untied States Supreme Court Justice.A case comes before the Court from Texas arguing the death penalty is unconstitutional under the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution.What is your opinion and why?

5.During our study of The Texas Seven and Randy Halprin you learned a defendant can be given the death penalty under the Law of Parties in Texas.Do you agree or disagree with the Law of Parties being applied in death penalty cases?Do you think Randy Halprin have been charged with capital murder?Fully explain your answer.

6.We did a case study over Andrea Yates to study the Insanity Defense.You are on the jury in Andrea Yates’ capital murder trial.Do you vote guilty, not guilty, or not guilty by reason of insanity?Fully explain your answer.

7.As part of your study of the death penalty you watched a 60 minute documentary.What did you learn from the documentary?Did anything you saw change your personal opinions about the death penalty and its application?Why or why not and fully explain your answer.