Texas A & M University Audit Interim Report Discussion Forum 3

This assignment asks you to do the research on your chosen audit firm related to the audit elements in either Ch. 7 or Ch. 8. In your first Discussion Forum post, list the elements as a bulleted list (DO NOT attach the chart) which the company had a yes answer for and give the sources for your verification of these findings. Then list (again in bulleted list) those where the response was no and also cite your sources. Finally, list all maybe’s and those where you could not find data. In your last paragraph of your initial post sum up your findings – do they overall seem to be doing positively on this set of elements or is significant improvement needed? This initial post is worth 20 grading points based on comprehensiveness of your audit and credible sources.

In your response posts compare and contrast your findings with two of your colleagues who did their audit for their chosen company on the same chapter. These posts are worth 5 points each.

Review the grading rubric to see full grading evaluation criteria for each point level.