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What would happen if CPUs were as susceptible to perception and error as the human brain?

APA format375 words3 sources minimumIn this week’s reading, a computer’s central processing unit (CPU) was compared to a human brain. When the human brain is damaged, our ability to think clearly and behave properly can be negatively impacted.
What happens when a CPU is damaged? In other words, what computer operations are impacted and why?What would happen if CPUs were as susceptible to perception and error as the human brain?How is computer hardware, created by human brains, limited by its’ developers?How is computer memory similar to human memory?How is computer memory different than human memory?PART 2
APA format375 words3 sources minimumAs the size of a computer bus increases, the result is faster computing and greater throughput of information. As developers have refined computer hardware components, such as bus processing speed, our ability to quickly access information and complete work has also improved.
What are the benefits of increased computer speed?What are the costs of increased computer speed?In your opinion, could a computer ever be “too fast”?Why or why not?If you believe a computer could eventually be “too fast”, at what point do you think that speed threshold would be reached?If you do NOT believe a computer could ever be “too fast”, how might computer users be impacted by the fact that the average human brain has not increased the speed with which it processes data at the same rate computer processing speeds have evolved?