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Human vs Cat Superficial Skeletal Muscles

Human vs Cat Superficial Skeletal Muscles

Participation in this threaded discussion topic – Human vs Cat superficial skeletal muscles can garner you up to 3% extra credit on Exam 2!
–To gain maximum EC (3%) name, discuss and compare three (3) Human superficial skeletal muscles with the Cat versions.
See the Cat Superficial Muscle Dissection Guide and Additional Cat Superficial Muscle Illustrations for images of cat skeletal muscles.

Provide an anatomical description of each muscle in humans and compare the cat and human versions.

Do some web searching to come up with specifics! Include relevant web addresses for websites if you base your answers on information from them.

The more specific and anatomical your discussion is, the greater the chance that you will receive extra credit.

Note: No credit will be given for repeating material in posts of other students, so read them before posting your own!
Due 10-09 (Late submissions will not get credit)
you cannot use Gluteus Maximus, Gastrocnemius, Biceps Femoris, The Brachialis Muscle, Sartorius Muscle,Gracilis muscle, Masseter, Sternohyoid, Soleus, Mylohyoid, Trapezius, Latissimus Dorsi
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