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Case Study-Podiatry Definition of Rheumatoid Arthritis (Essay Sample)

Hi,This is an essay – Assignment/Viva (4,000 words/30mins)I would like to request the first 1500 words essay plan before (1200/uk time) Friday 08 Dec 17.Assignment – A detailed Clinical Assessment of a complex case with systemic disease and mechanical foot problems. You are required to critically analyse the gold standard assessment and diagnosis of the actual and potential foot problems of the following case.A 48 year old lady complains of pain in both forefeet and has visible hallux abducto valgus deformity. The patient informs you that she is very stiff in the morning for an hour or so and that her joints get swollen. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) 2 years ago.IncludeA definition of RA and the etiology of the condition.The pathogenesis of the structural and functional foot problems associated with RA.Consider how these problems impact on function for this lady and quality of life.Underpin your work with contemporary evidence from peer reviewed journals and national guidelines.Comment on the application of techniques of clinical history taking, examination and gait analysis in order to diagnose those pathologies related to systemic disease (including differential diagnoses of the foot pathology).Consider the implications of systemic disease and medications to your assessment and future management (though the focus is patient assessment not management).Comment on clinical documentation and referral processes.Consider what may be the most appropriate method/s for evaluating the outcomes and effectiveness of foot health interventions in the given case.Presentation GuidelinesPresent your work in Ariel font 12 with double line spacing.Save the file name of your work as your student number and add a front page with your student number on (do not add your name to any part of your work)I have written the information and some of the resources I would like to see in the essay please see attached.Please let me know what sources you are going to use with the plan. I have mentioned some of the authors in my outline I have provided. Please refer to the information I have provided. If any issues with understanding the information please let me know. I am just struggling putting my information in a structured manner.Many thankspod