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continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR), chemistry homework help

A simple continuously stirred tank reactor (CSTR) is designed for the reaction. It was discovered that 80% conversion of CO2 to propane is achieved in 10% excess of feed water (on a molar basis). CO2 is bubbled through the reactor at134.4 standard liters per minute, no cells are lost in the liquid product stream. Assuming that the gas exiting the reactor has 3 mol% of water vapor and water in the reactor remains in the liquid state. A liquid stream leaves the reactor so that steady-state operation can be achieved.
Do the following:
draw and fully label a flow diagram for the system
write a balanced reaction (stoichiometric) equation, assuming oxygen (O2) is produced along with propane (the oxygen atoms need to come out in some form)
Determine the feed water rate in grams per minute
Use appropriate mass balances to find the flow of the exit gas stream in moles/minute and standard liters per minute, and the composition of this stream in mole %.
Determine the rate of propane production in kg per day if the process runs 24 hr/day
Determine the water feed rate such that no liquid water leaves the reactor
Comment on the safety of this process