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PHYS1403 Brookhaven College Launch Stellarium Program Laboratory Report 5

Stellarium Program.
Steps to be done on the computer are in alphabetic order (A, B, …) and questions to be answered are in numeric (1, 2, …) order.
A. Launch Stellarium program.
Version July 2017 Stellarium version 16.0 1
B. Your viewing location should be set as Dallas. If you did not do the “Zodiac & otherConstellations” lab then you must set up Stellarium properly. Please follow setup steps A through E in the “Zodiac & other Constellations” lab and then continue with this lab.
C. When you click on the lower left corner of the screen you should see two menu bars in an L-shape. If you click on the two arrows, one facing up and the other facing right, the arrows turn into squares and the menu bars will remain on the screen. Press the number 7 button to stop time in Stellarium. The second icon from the top on the vertical tool bar sets time and date. Set it to Aug 1 of the current year at 9:00 pm (21:00:00).Close the date and time window.