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What statue is in the Milk, Meat and Wool Garden? Why is it there?

Be sure to answer these questions completely and make sure you explain your answers.
The in-class portion of the Final (100 points) will come from these questions.

Draw the graph of plant photosynthesis vs. carbon dioxide concentration for a C3 and C4 plant. Show the CO2 compensation point, saturation point and maximum rate of photosynthesis. Label everything.
In the Indoor 4-H Children’s Garden we never use pesticides. Why?
A young person tells you that they are afraid of butterflies because they think a butterfly will bite them. How will you respond to that?
How do plants tell time? What is the compound in the leaves that is used and how does it work?
What statue is in the Milk, Meat and Wool Garden? Why is it there?
We spent some time talking about Healing Gardens.  What is a Healing Garden and how can a garden help heal someone?
Describe the Butterfly Garden that is in the Outdoor 4-H Children’s Garden.
Why are the beds in the Rose Garden raised beds?
What is unique about the gardens in the Clarence E. Lewis Arboretum?
Explain why Michigan has lots of fruit production along the west side of the state.
Desert plants survive in very harsh conditions. What adaptations have they evolved that allow them to survive and even thrive in desert conditions?
When you harvest fruit from a plant, what is the most important thing you should do to that fruit to help insure that it will last for as long as possible? Why?
What is chilling injury and how does it occur?
Basil seeds have a very interesting action when you add water to them. Describe this action and explain why these seeds might do this.
You have just met some friends that know you are taking a Horticulture class. As you are talking one of them asks “What zone do you live in?” Explain what they are talking (asking) about.
What is plant blindness? Why is it important?
What are the different types of plant problems that plants can have?
You have been growing plants all semester, so now you are an expert. A friend wants to start growing some plants and comes to you for your expert advice. What one or two pieces of advice would you give your friend to make sure she grows healthy plants?