SWK6250 Bryn Mawr African American Males Suspension Rate & Educational Outcomes Paper

Research proposal 8-10 pages total. Page one Problems and objectives.states why this population is important focusing on the experiences of African american males in school. What knowledge am I seeking to gain. Pages 2 -3 is the Literature Review. What is the arching theme or premise of barriers across the board. clearly argue your point lay out variables in order. Page 4- Barriers/ limitations of current research. How is this theory grounding this research? Pages 5- 8 should focus on Methods of this research. What are you going to do? this section should include Data sources( what are the Variables) , Variables, age, race, gender, level of education etc, and Measurements (what scales would you use)

This should be APA style, double spaced and quoted correctly!

I also have specific articles to use, How can I send them to you?