Substance abuse module 5,6,7 & 8

Quoted material is not allowed. You must cite paraphrased information that was obtained from another source. APA style.

Module 5

Smoking Effects on the Family

In a post of at least 150 words discuss, what effects might smoking have on other members in a household (think beyond the obvious secondhand smoke issues)? If you grew up in a home with smokers, think about your experiences. Do you think smoking is a “solitary habit”?

Module 5

Legal Age for Caffeine?

In a post of at least 150 words discuss: Should there be a “legal age limit” for the use of caffeine? In other words, do you think that it should be illegal for children, adolescents, and teens to consume or be served caffeine or caffeinated products? Defend your answer – provide appropriate citations.

Module 6


Steroid use/abuse has become a common topic of discussion in our society. Although they have appropriate medical treatment uses, it seems that the focus on them is, in general, negative. After you have read the chapters for this week, click on the short video (linked on the Module 6 landing page under the required readings).

150 words….Then, discuss your thoughts and perspectives on this statement: Steroids are the lifestyle drug. For example, What does that statement mean to you? What evidence do you see to support or refute the statement? Are steroids so entrenched into our society that they are here to stay?

Module 6

Impact on the Family

Find a scholarly journal article (NOT just information posted on a website!) that relates to the impact on the family/family system of one of the substances in your readings this week. Your article should be no more than 5 years old.

Post a 8-10 sentence summary of what you learn from the article (i.e., main points), include the citation and a link to the article so that we all may read it. Attach the article to your post so that others may review and discuss in their peer posts. Note: do not simply look at the abstract and post some words that you see included there. As always, read the entire article and provide a solid summary/synthesis of the information in your post. Do not quote material from the article. I expect a well-developed, scholarly post.

Module 7

Controlled Drinking/use

In a post of at least 200 words, discuss the feasibility of controlled drinking (i.e., social use) as a realistic goal for those who are dependent on alcohol, citing evidence of support for, as well as of opposition to, this concept of treatment.Consider, for example, whether or not “addiction” is the polar opposite of “controlled drinking” or “social drinking”.

Module 8

Prevention, Intervention, Treatment

In a post of at least 150 words discuss: Which strategies seem to provide the most successful results for long-lasting effects on changing drug-using behavior? For example, do self-help groups (AA; NA, CA, etc.) show strong success in changing addicts using behaviors? Do we have successful strategies to prevent substance abuse and addiction? Where do you think we should aim our efforts in the future?

Module 8

Reflect and Summarize

Post an approximately 200 word summary that reflects on and summarizes:

  • What you have learned in this course and how you might apply the information to your professional practice or your daily life.
  • What information had the greatest impact on you? Were there topics that spurred you to dig further for more information, that made you uncomfortable or that led you to reflect more deeply?