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This module explored various vulnerable populations. Now it is your turn to go more in-depth on these issues by focusing on one specific vulnerable population.

For this assignment, identify a vulnerable population (Identify whether the issue is physical, psychological, or social) that has meaning to you. Following the HSA Standards provided below and without writing in first person (i.e., I, me, my, us, we, our, etc.), write a paper at least 700 words using the following outline and including at least three scholarly references.

  • Introduction
  • Describe the vulnerable population. Include the HealthyPeople 2020 goal(s), objective(s), and statistics.
  • Describe at least:
    • one federal,
    • one state, AND
    • one local service, program, or initiative that help provide support for this vulnerable population.
  • Individuals often qualify for more than one program. Include as many resources as are appropriate, and explain how the programs at these different parts of the system (federal, state, and local) collaborate to create a safety net for this population.
  • What else could be done to help this population? Be specific. For example, do not just say, “More interventions are needed”. Describe a specific intervention(s), activity(ies), or strategy(ies).
  • Summary

Formatting Guidelines –

  • Before submitting your assignment to the Dropbox, please review the following:
  • Open the HSA Assignment Grading Rubric (20 points), highlight (CTRL+A), and then copy (CTRL+C) the rubric, and then paste (CTRL+V) the rubric (as text, not an image) at the very end of your paper. I will use this rubric to assess your work and provide you feedback.
  • In your paper, information should be paraphrased and cited. However, do not use quotes in this course.

This is the material from this week –

Review the following articles:

  • Vulnerable populations: Who are they? (2016). The American Journal of Managed Care; 12(13), SUP. S348-352.
  • Ferguson, C. C. (2007). Barriers to Serving the Vulnerable: Thoughts of a Former Public Official. Health Affairs; 26(5), 1358-1365, doi 10.1377/hlthaff.26.5.1358 (get from SPC Online Library)

Read Basics of the U.S. Health Care System (Niles, 2018):

  • Chapter 5: Public Health’s Role in Healthcare (Review – Assigned in previous module)
  • Chapter 13: Mental Health Issues

View this video: A Complex Case: Quality Care for Those in Need (5:59)

Vulnerable Populations: Who Are They?

“Those at greater risk for poor health status and health care access, experience significant disparities in life expectancy, access to and use of healthcare services, morbidity, and mortality” (

Disability symbols for wheelchair accessible, low vision access, sign language interpretation, and brain.Image Source

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