Sports Facilities Project

Sports Facilities Project


Semester Project

Each student will research a major sport venue (BARCLAYS CENTER- HOME OF THE BROOKLYN NETS) and evaluate the design, construction, and amenities of the facility.

Facility Evaluations should include the following:

1. A detailed list of the events that occur at the facility

2. A detailed inventory of the facility (activity areas, storage, locker rooms, etc)

3. A floor plan of the facility including arrangements for a variety of events

4. A detailed inventory of seating levels and luxury suites, including seating capacity for each type

of seating and yearly attendance figures

5. Individual game and season ticket prices for each seating area

6. A listing of concession areas in the facility and what types of food are sold during events

7. Describe the process of obtaining the naming rights for the facility including how much the

facility is receiving for this right.

8. A history of how the facility was financed and built, and the construction time to complete it.

9. A list of any renovations that have occurred within the facility since it opened.

10. The major advertisers with signage in the facility

Assignment Requirements

B. Each of these elements should be a subsection of the assignment. Designate them in bold face

print or on a new page for each

C. Assignment should be a minimum of 5 pages up to whatever it takes you to complete the

assignment thoroughly

D. This project should be double-spaced and written in proper APA format