SNHU Discussion of The Operationalization of A Business Opportunity

Company of focus: AvalonCommunities, Inc. (Prior assignments attached)

Yyou will submit a discussion of the operationalization of a business opportunity (Section II), specifically the business product, service, or other idea from your business plan in the Marketing and Strategy course. You should project the potential costs, risks, and benefits of operationalizing your business idea. Your projections should be supported with rationale.

Develop a work breakdown structure for your business idea. Your work breakdown structure should include at least three tasks with at least three subtasks each. Provide a narrative justifying each task and subtask that is part of your work breakdown structure. Identify key milestones, deliverable, and resource requirements associated with operationalizing your business idea based on your work breakdown structure. The key milestones, deliverable, and resource requirements should be supported with an explanation of how they will help the project meet scope-time-cost objectives. Assess potential obstacles and impediments to meeting scope-time-cost objectives of the project, supporting your assessment with rationale.

Determine appropriate risk mitigation strategies to address the obstacles, impediments, and risks you have identified.

This milestone should be 8-10 pages in length. This milestone will be graded with the Milestone Two Rubric.