Short-Term Commodity Trade with Latin America Reply Post

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1) Short-term commodity trade with Latin America causes more benefits than harm given the large investment in new and expanding infrastructure.

I agree that the trade between Latin America and China has improved the overall lives of people in Latin America, as well as helping China generate more revenue. As shown in Chapter 11, ever since China began the working relationship with Latin America, the overall population living below the poverty line has decreased by 11.9 %. Besides creating more job opportunities, China has also helped Latin America by building more dams, and bridges to improve the environment as a whole; to prevent the people of Latin America to go through difficult and far routes to get across to places. If China remains the working relationship with Latin America, the people of Latin America would be given more opportunities to improve their lives and living conditions.

2) Long-term commodity trade with Latin American will cause more harm than good by generating an overdependence on China.

I agree that the long-term commodity trade with Latin America causes more harm than good due to overdependency. Although China is hurting the textiles and taking advantage of the divide-and-conquer trade strategy from Latin America, it’s essentially giving more opportunities to the people of Latin America by improving the economic, at a lost cost. The investment made from China to Latin America has gone over $73 billion within the past six years between 2005 and 2011. This is one of the largest investments that China has made to any other regions. In Latin America, products made in China are all over the place. In addition, highways, dams, and bridges are also done by China.

Even though China is able to enhance the lives in Latin America, it will not be everlasting unless there are beneficial terms that interest both countries. The long-term investment from China will give hopes to the lives in Latin America which creates an overdependency on China. The other possible outcome can also be that Latin America improves the over the economy, and would be able to grow as a whole, which as of right now does not look like it will occur since China has been a part of pretty much everything. In the end, if Latin America over-rely on China, they might be dominated by China or not be able to function as a country if China is no longer interested in the region.