Short Response to answers A&B separately

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A.) Strategies that I would use to build my professional network would be to be authentic by being honest about education and experience in the field. I would ensure that I am dependable by completing tasks that I have promised I would complete. I would try to locate professional organizations in my area and see if they have any events that I can attend. I would attend the events and listen and interact with others and hand out business cards. I would follow up with individuals I had met and thank them for their time.
I have experience working with the geriatric population currently and would love to continue working with this population. In my area the Dekalb County health department actually has a nursing home facility. I would attempt to reach out to them through phone, in person, and email. I would explain my experience working with this population. I would then discuss possible ways that I can help or make a difference with that population.

B.) To build a professional network, you have to use professional and personal approaches (Woodside, n.d.). Personal approaches include being intentional, authentic, and dependable (Woodside, n.d.). You have to be honest and trustworthy because that is the base of a solid relationship. Professional approaches include attending local organizations that correlate with job interests, meeting people there, taking notes, listening, and learning things (Woodside, n.d.). Using professional approaches would get your foot into the door and let people see who you are and know the things you are interested in.

The Department of Social Services would be beneficial to me and my network. They offer child care, health care, food assistance, and temporary assistance (Department, n.d.). That covers a lot of issues that could be wrong with a client. When I found out I was pregnant, I went to their office to get insurance for pregnant women, I didn’t think much of it. Then taking this class, I went again and have talked with one of the workers a ton. This class helped me to learn more about the resources they offer and different ways they help people.

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