Sexuality Power and Politics Hillary Clinton Readings Summary

Step 1

You were assigned three distinct pieces this week, one (podcast audio) on re-examining President Clinton’s sex scandals, one on Pizzagate and accusations Hillary Clinton was involved with a child sex ring, and another exploring issues of the news filters, including how we see news we want to see.

As I stated in the intro, I am not interested in political viewpoints from either the left or the right — what I am interested in is taking a step away from politics and exploring how sex accusations get used in politics and what the consequences are. After this week’s assignments, what are some ways of dealing with sexual allegations in the media and as we choose elected officials?………

(200 words minimum)

Step 2

This semester, we have read many articles discussing race as well as gender as it relates to sexuality and power. Write a short summary of at least 3 readings that discussed race, sexuality and power. And a short summary of three readings that discuss gender, sexuality and power. (200 words minimum)

Below are readings that you can use