Role of Ideas and Ideology in The Formation of Culture & Religion Paper

Role of Ideas and Ideology in The Formation of Culture & Religion Paper


* Consider the role of ideas and ideology in the formation of culture, in religion, in art, in urban legends, and memes.

*What are the ideas that are espoused in the various contexts you examine.

For example, if you do a photo essay, what do the pictures have to do with presenting an ideological message; if you do a media analysis, what is the message the movie or tv show is propagating.


*Using the guidelines in chapter 12 of (Angrosino, Doing Cultural Anthropology: Projects for Ethnographic Data Collection, Second Edition, 2007), select ONE of the visual methods listed and follow the instructions for that project.

*Complete the recommended assignment, with reference to the questions asked in the assignment, as described.

*This project is intended to give you a chance to be creative and/or to think critically about the ideas and the media that you consume.


This assignment is worth 50 points, according to the following rubric.:

* 0-10 points: Clear statement of which version of the visual anthropology project you did and how your project complies and varies from the project as stated.

* 0-10 points: notes from analysis or the original media you incorporated into your project

* 0-15 points: In-depth analysis of the themes you have noticed in the data you have collected

* 0-5 points: Appropriate use of citations

* 0-5 points: Quality of presentation