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After getting a virus on my computer years ago, I’ve made sure that all of my devices are protected to prevent that from happening again.That one incident was an eye opener and lesson for me all in one of to be extra careful of websites you visit and links you click.I had got an email from who I thought was my grandmother with a link and I clicked it.Since that incident, I’ve used Norton’s security suite to protect my devices. I also am I parent so to ensure my child wasn’t visiting certain cites, I was able to use Norton’s online feature to block different things to avoid my child possibly clicking something or visiting a bad site that could potentially infect the device.Along with using Norton, I am just really careful about the content I view, websites I visit, and I stay away from suspicious emails or links that are sent to me in email.I get phishing emails all the time and I report it is spam and delete it.

When it comes to surfing the internet, you are at risk for getting viruses and possibly losing your data and device, so it’s imperative to have active security software on your device.I would recommend software that offers safe browsing which will tell you if the website you’re visiting is safe.Norton offers this feature and even if I do a google search, your search results will have a green check mark next to it, if they are safe. To ensure my defenses stay current, I ensure that I keep the security software updated and schedule scans regularly to ensure my device is virus free, healthy and secure. Failing to keep security software up to date will do the opposite of securing your device, it opens the door for vulnerabilities and threats to your system.