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I’ve personally lost at least 2 laptops to viruses and adware/malware. When I was younger I would always go on sketchy websites trying to find free ways to either watch a show or movie online. In the process I would click away at all the annoying pop-up boxes blocking my view either clicking “yes” or “ok” without knowing what I was really agreeing to. Not knowing I was introducing all sorts of viruses and malware to my laptop. My last computer I had factory reset and even with that and downloading the avast free antivirus ware I wasn’t able to get rid of the virus I acquired somehow. It was only after that, that I learned my lesson. I just recently bought a new laptop once I realized I was going to be starting school again soon, and made sure to download a proper virus,spyware, and malware defense system. Now I have Norton protection which was a little on the pricey side, but I didn’t mind because it is good for one year and I didn’t want to have to go through the expense of buying another laptop, or worse having an issue halfway through school and being without a laptop in an online class. And other than making sure to put a reliable antivirus protection your computers and personal laptops, please make sure to update your laptop. I am guilty of pushing updates off until the last minute, but making sure your antivirus ware updates your computer with all the latest and evolving viruses out there is crucial too.