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The Clark Healthy Workplace is a tool that was developed to help organizations identify the various factors that affect their employees’ well-being (Clark, 2015). It can be used to measure the multiple aspects of a workplace’s health, such as stress management and physical environment. Based on the Clark Healthy Workplace my workplace scored 85 in the “moderately healthy” range. I feel that my job is full of opportunities for development, satisfaction, and there’s collaboration between the nurses and the management team. Those were the easiest values to point out in this assessment. In addition, my hospital helps their employees manage stress from the job. Through on-call mental health specialists. The counselors can be done through regular therapy and counseling from the local university as a sponsor. 

Incivility among nurses can come in many forms, such as impolite remarks, belittling or ignoring an individual’s contribution, gossiping, and being rude. It can also come from patients, their relatives, or colleagues.  When working with patients who are dissatisfied with their treatment, nurses may experience incivility. They may also encounter incivility from fellow healthcare providers who criticize or undermine their actions. Incivility among nurses can have detrimental consequences, such as decreased patient outcomes and job satisfaction (Howard & Embree, 2020). Thankfully I have not experienced any of these behaviors since work on my unit. Nurses must address and speak up when they witness instances of incivility within the workplace. This can be done by reporting such behavior to the management team, speaking up for respectful behavior, and seeking professional help (Tedone, 2020). Such actions can help improve the working environment for both patients and the nurses.


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