Rehabilitation Programs and Opportunities for Inmates Persuasive Speech

1. my persuasive speech is based on prison reforms, mandating prisons to have rehabilitation programs and create more opportunities for inmates.

Your final speech will be an extension of your informative briefing: Now that we have some background information about your topic, you need to take a position on it. Create a 6-8 minute speech explaining why we should (or should not) adopt your policy or perspective, buy your product, etc. You can also respond to the briefing you gave – take the position of being “the boss” who can make the decision about whatever your proposed policy/update/agenda is.

For this speech, you will need to incorporate 4 outside sources that you incorporate during the speech as oral footnotes.

2. Develop a PowerPoint presentation to support your upcoming persuasive speech. You don’t have to necessarily use the presentation during your speech, but it should be prepared as if you would use it.

You should plan to include no fewer than five slides, plus a title slide and an APA-formatted reference slide.

Do not use complete sentences or a lot of text. Instead, use bullet points of key phrases. Include effective and relevant graphics. Make sure your slides have a consistent format and color scheme. Black and white slides and plain text are not appropriate for this assignment. Includes a minimum of 5 content slides plus a title slide and a reference slide; content is presented in bullet points that are parallel in construction and presented in phrases (no full paragraphs, long quotes, etc.),The reference slide includes a minimum of 3 APA-formatted references that will be used in the presentation