Racial and Sex Inequality Discrimination – Sociology Discussion

Racial and Sex Inequality Discrimination – Sociology Discussion

Describe the different forms of racial and sex inequality as discussed in your textbook. What are some of the ways that we can see institutionalized inequality within nursing or your chosen profession? After reading the articles “Who Rides the Glass Elevator?” and “Forget about the Stigma”, are all nurses/nursing assistants treated equally?

textbook: https://books.google.com/books?id=a4emCgAAQBAJ&pri…


1.Your discussion board post is at least three paragraphs.

2.Your response answer all parts of the discussion board prompt. Please note, some prompts will have multiple parts, make sure you answer all parts.

3.When constructing your argument for your responses, make sure that you draw from the all readings that have been assigned for that particular module/discussion board. Your post must demonstrate your understanding and application of the material from the course readings. You do not have to agree with any or all of the material you have read, however, you must give it thoughtful consideration.

4.Personal stories and experiences can enhance your discussion, however, make sure that you are not using these to make unqualified assumptions about the sociological issues being discussed.

5.If you decided to incorporate outside materials (articles, website, books, etc.) to build your argument you MUST include a “works cited” section at the end of your essay.

6.Make sure your discussion board post is thoroughly proofread (free of spelling and grammar errors) before submitting it.

7.Make sure to include a concluding statement to summarize your argument.