PSY4501 Columbia Southern Effectiveness of Flu Shots vs Vitamin Research


Prepare a Research Proposal

Imagine that you are preparing a research proposal for an experimental study comparing the effectiveness of flu shots versus vitamin supplements for reducing individual instances of flu during one winter season. In your research proposal, you should:

  • develop a hypothesis,
  • write the method section of your proposal,
  • include a description of your subjects,
  • include how they will be recruited,
  • determine how they will be assigned to treatment and control groups or conditions,
  • identify your independent and dependent variables, and
  • describe the procedure you will apply to collect the data.

Be sure to include a discussion on how you would make your data collection blinded. Refer to pp. 529–531 in your textbook to see what a method section looks like. Utilize Table 11.1 on pp. 326–327 to make sure that your design is effective.

Your paper should be at least two pages in length, not counting the title and reference pages. A minimum of two sources must be used, one of which may include the textbook. Your paper must be in APA style format.

Textbook: Morling, B. (2017). Research methods in psychology: Evaluating a world of information (3rd ed.). New York, NY: Norton.

Pleas Note: the listed pages of the textbook have been uploaded.