PSY301 DSC Selective Attention and Attentional Narrowing Scenario Paper


  • Chapter 6: selective attention and attentional narrowing and attentional flexibility (all three of these concepts together count as one concept/group)
  • Chapter 6: thought stopping and centering (these two concepts together count as one concept/group)
  • Chapter 7: time-to-event nature of precompetitive anxiety
  • Chapter 7: functional and dysfunctional perfectionism
  • Chapter 9: coping strategies OR coping styles
  • Chapter 9: self-talk
  • Chapter 9: progressive relaxation or autogenic training or deep breathing or meditation (do not use more than one of the 4 concepts in this bullet item)

For each of the 3 concepts you have chosen:

  • describe/define it,
  • give information about the types or functions of the concept, and
  • write about how you would apply the concept in order to help this athlete.

* * * Remember that this entire assignment must be completed IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Jamal is a freshman in high school.He has played AAU basketball all his life and was considered one of the top eighth-grade players in the DC metropolitan area.He was highly recruited by several area high schools.He chose to attend one of the basketball powerhouse schools.When he started to attend summer workouts with his prospective new coaches and teammates, he noticed that he was given little attention by his new coaches. Any attention that he did receive from coaches seemed to center on the idea that he was not playing “aggressively” enough.When the time came to split the athletes into teams for summer-league play, he was placed with less talented players.

Jamal’s confidence and motivation began to weaken.He plays as if he is overthinking things. In the fall, he chose not to show up to most of the “optional” workouts at his new school.Following a week of tryouts, he was placed on the freshman team. He did not make the Varsity team or even the JV.How can you help him to restart his excellent athletic career?

[three paragraphs—no introduction or conclusion paragraphs]